Beginning in Fall 2019, I’ll be joining UT Austin’s Department of Communication Studies as an assistant professor. I’ll be teaching two undergraduate courses: Technology at Work (offered in Fall and Spring) and Technology & Culture (offered in Spring). Technology at Work has been taught at UT for almost 10 years and I’m excited to bring my perspective to this legacy. Previous syllabi can be found in the course catalog here. Technology & Culture is a new class that uses design as a lens for thinking deeply about the place of technology in the social world. Course description can be found below.


Technology & Culture — Spring 2020

Technologies shape, disrupt and reflect our interaction with the world and with each other. From barbed wire (invented in Austin!) to the endless scroll of Instagram, human-built devices have transformed almost every aspect of our daily lives. But, technology doesn't just appear out of thin air. It is created by cultures of production and design. It is resisted and challenged by communities of users, audiences, and activists. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of humanistic thought for both critiquing and creating technology. 

Course poster available for download here!



What Students Say about My Teaching

“This is one of the most intellectually stimulating classes I have ever taken. And, it made connections to my personal life and the real world.” Technology & Culture

“Sam has passion and engagement with the class. A wonderful teacher who truly cares.”

“This class had me thinking about things that would blow my mind!” Technology & Culture

“Sam takes it upon herself to expand on concepts to help students really understand. She clarifies, and then challenges us to figure things out on our own.” Introduction to Communication

What You Can Expect in the Classroom with Me

You can expect to be listened to and noticed for your contributions.

You can expect to engage with course concepts in creative ways, making and building things imperfectly.

You can expect to be accountable to our intellectual journey (reading), accountable to the community (be less cool, be more open-hearted) and accountable to yourself (doing your best, at any moment).